5 Wedding Photography Tips And Tricks

Hello Guys, here in this article I am going to tell you about 5 most important Photography Tips And Tricks that you must know while choosing a wedding photographer as a carrier. So without, wasting any more of your time let’s jump, right into it.

5 Wedding Photography Tips And Tricks1) Don’t Just get into wedding photography Business

Number one which is kind of a nontip, and something that you shouldn’t do and,that is just get started or just jump, into wedding photography.  The reason behind it is that there’s a lot of bad, advice going around at the moment that, I’ve seen online and on YouTube that you, should just start shooting weddings if, you haven’t done it before because, you’ll gain a lot of experience. You’ll be able to shoot products, couples and portraits, and, you’ll be able to do event photography, all in one day. I think this is terrible advice you’re risking or playing with one of the most important days in, somebody’s life in order to gain experience.

2) Capture the moods in Natural Light

Second thing is that you need at least one speed light at a winning venue.  I don’t really like shooting with speed lights or artificial light at a wedding. I really like to, capture the mood that it was originally, set by the bride & groom.  They put a lot of effort into creating a mood at, the wedding with the lighting. So when, you come in there with you huge flashes, and your speed light you create, something that wasn’t intended by the, bride and groom.

3) Have backups of everything

Third tip is that have backups of everything. As I said you, always need to have backups as anything could go wrong on a wedding day and if, you don’t have a backup there’s nothing, you can do. Any things may happen on your wedding day such as maybe your focus stops working, maybe it won’t turn on, maybe you run out of battery and one camera is not working with others. If you already have backups, then no need to worry as the situation can be controlled.

4) Have a shot list

The next tip is to have a shot list.  I know you’re immediately going to say that you don’t want a shot list, you want to be creative on the day and you want to see how the light falls and you want to compose your shots and just be creative.  But sometimes in the heat of the moment especially on a wedding day, the pressure can get too much and you can go completely blank, you can forget what you’re doing, what shots you needed to and you can forget how to pose your couple. This happens so often to photographers who are just getting into, wedding photography. I’m not going to say, that this is going to happen to you but, it definitely does happen. There’s a simple fix for it so if you do have some, shots that you definitely need on the day, write them down on a piece of paper,put them in the Notes app on your phone,or you can do what I always tell my new, students to do is write it on a sticky, note or a piece of paper with some tape, and stick it behind the screen on your camera. A lot of cameras these days have flip out screens or flip-up screens so, just put that piece of paper behind it.

5) Arrive early and do some location scouting

The final tip is to arrive early and do some location scouting. Often on a wedding day depending on how, strict the bride & groom is the schedule can go completely haywire and you’ll have no time to do any location scouting, so it’s important to arrive early and do location scouting on your own. Walk around the venue and watch,where would be best for certain types of, photos where you’d shoot the rings where you do the couple shoots, where you take photos of the dress, where the group photos will be done so you have this, built up in the back of your mind, so on the wedding day you don’t get put, on the spot and surprised when you need, to find a location in a few seconds.

I wish that above mentioned tips and tricks will surely help you to gain much knowledge about wedding photography. I have briefly elaborated every step that you must know so as to become a successful wedding photographer.

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