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Photography For You

Photography – Portraits for Your Home or Business

My name is Sueann Jones.

Everything I do, every day is about photography.  I shoot everything from Seniors, Weddings, and Family Portraits, to Nature and Wildlife for your home or business.  I am located in Harrison, Arkansas in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Contact me to set up your appointment.

Affordable Art

Many businesses in today’s failing economy are having a rough time staying afloat.  Some are at the door of failure.  What do you want the clients to see when they step into your lobby?  A tired, drab look that your clients have seen time after time?  Faded, outdated pictures on your wall?  Wouldn’t you rather your clients step into an office with relaxing waterfalls, sunsets, flowers, or lakes and streams?   Very often, a face lift is all it takes to give your office that extra edge, making your business more successful.  Not to mention, how much pleasure it would give you and your employees to be in an environment that brings the outdoors into your business.  We are living in a Baby Boomer’s generation where it seems as though we never have enough time to enjoy the beauty around us.

That is my goal at Artistry Photography by Susanne, to help everyone enjoy God’s beautiful creations.  I want to bring His beauty to everyone who is inside all day, whether it is the inability to get outside or due to lack of time to do so.

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My work comes with excellent references.

BAPTIST HEALTH HOSPITAL, Heber Springs, Arkansas.

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