Top Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Creative Ideas

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Creative Ideas

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Creative Ideas

Pre wedding shoots are the new thing in the market out there for wedding photography. You look around at anyone who’s getting married and you’ll see them having a pre wedding shoot. So what exactly is this pre wedding shoot? Also known as the engagement shoot, it is shot in a time frame of about three to six months before the actual wedding takes place. There are a lot of perks of having one for yourself as well, given the debate that goes on recently regarding the necessity of  the pre wedding shoot.

For one, it gives you more amounts of time and occasions to spend with your fiancée, to get to know each other at a deeper level, to have your share of moments. Also, you can know how compatible you would be with each other after spending considerable time with each other. This will only prepare you for your life after the marriage. A pre wedding photo shoot would involve the wedding photographer trying to catch the essence of your relationship, which is in a budding state at that point, the newness of the bond and the energy that the two radiate.

Another pro is that a pre wedding photo shoot would help you get ready for the photo shoot that would happen on your big day. This pre wedding shoot would give you an idea, an insight on what kind of pictures yours be wanting to have captured. Also, it would be the ideal time to bond with your photographer as well. This would help you feel comfortable on the lens during the actual wedding as the photographer would be acquainted with you two, have an insight into your relationship, which would help him capture more and more beautiful and candid shots of you two.

Now, there are a lot of trends in the pre wedding photo shoot market right now and quite frankly, some of them might come across as way too over the top or even monotonous. So here are a few creative ideas for pre wedding photo shoots:

  1. Starting with the absolute basics, it is recommended that you stay hydrated, rested on the day of the shoot. Pre wedding shoots are supposed to capture the natural essence of the bond. So there is no need of those old, fancy poses that you might have been doing it all along or seeing those in movies. Just by being yourself and being energetic could bring about a creative pre wedding photo shoot idea.
  2. Having an outdoor pre wedding shoot, ditching those fake sets altogether is a good idea. It could also involve our partner’s favorite outdoor activities, the backgrounds where your partner can seem to be at the best. Being outdoors in the fresh air also gives the photographer a lot of natural light, which in turn will help him capture memorable pictures of the couple.
  3. Another Pre wedding photos hot creative idea would be minimal makeup or hair-do. It fits perfectly in sync with the latest style and beauty mantra “less is more.” Bottom line, a natural look which seems like there’s not a lot of effort behind it is always a good idea. Also, it is carrying a small make up kit with absolute essentials is also suggested.
  4. By ditching those conventional, outdoor or natural backgrounds that most couples seem to opt these days, you could go out, hit the city and your favorite food stalls or joints. Adding the element of food is another Pre wedding photo shoot creative idea as the spirit of the city, the food and the bond are all captured together.
  5. Instead of just focusing on the couple wholly, another great idea would be inviting some friends of both the bride and the groom over. It is no secret that you are a different person around your friends, you’re at your best. This would be the perfect time to capture that radiance and the spirit, and create unforgettable memories with your best pals or girls.
  6. By giving rest to all the hassles of going out, getting ready and setting everything up, you can now also choose to stay back at home and give way to the shoot. The home where you’d have spent your best times, you’d have a lot of fond memories attached to, where you and your partner would have lived together would be another simple, minimal yet creative idea for your pre wedding photo shoot.
  7. One can never go wrong with monochrome and a black & white themed pre wedding shoot is a bit common, but also one that highlights everything, creates a different kind of aura, an elegant one, one that can grab a lot of attention. Its not recommended to get the entire shoot done in monochrome, but a few, special shots in black & white would surely be a creative idea for pre wedding photo shoots.


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