Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers In Los Angeles 2019

After researching for months, analyzing hundreds of portfolios, and getting professionals opinions from industry leaders, we have created a list of top 10 wedding photographers in Los Angelas. In a city of millions, there are thousands of choices when it comes to wedding photography, but there’s no need to search every corner of the Internet to find your perfect fit. We’ve already found the best of the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles–they’ll capture your love story as nobody else can.

Proceed ahead to find best Los Angeles wedding photographer to capture every moment of that magic.

Best Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles

Best Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles:

  1. Amy and Stuart Photography
  2. Julie Pepin Photography
  3. Wanderlust Creatives
  4. Callaway Gable
  5. Teri B Photography
  6. Kayci Decker Photography
  7. Foolishly Rushing In
  8. Wanderlust Creatives
  9. Nicole Balsamo Photography
  10. Roberto Valenzuela Photography

Now, its time to have comprehensive details of the above mentioned top wedding Photographers.

  1. Amy and Stuart Photography:

We are a married team with more than ten years of experience in the film and photographic industries. Our images have appeared in People Magazine, InStyle Weddings, American Photo, PDN, Rangefinder, and different other national advertising campaigns.

We choose to shoot the whole day of your wedding and do not offer hourly packages. We like to allow the day unfold, observing and capturing the moments rather than orchestrating them. Shooting the entire day allows us to build into a rhythm with our customers and their guests so everybody is comfortable being themselves around us. We shoot both digital and film using a range of cameras both traditional and experimental to create unique images that supplement the standard images of the day.

2. Julie Pepin Photography

I am a photographer based in Los Angeles, California and available for travel all around the world.  I specialize in creative excellent art wedding photography that is raw, intimate, handcrafted, and imaginative.  I offer you explosions of happiness & colour all over your memories.

The main cause I love photography so much is because the camera picks up where your eyes leave off.  I take a photo not only to capture a feeling but to elicit one as well. I wish you (and your mom) to laugh and cry when you see at your photos. So much is happening on a wedding day, it’s hard to take it all in and process it all in the moment. It’s my duty to capture that moment, to take all the emotions and all the stories and to put it in a bottle and keep it there for you for always.

3. Wanderlust Creatives

Wanderlust Creatives is the invention of Jei Romanes and Gaile Deoso, both born and raised in the Philippines but presently living in Los Angeles. We met in a choir, found a common love for art and photography, fell in love, and the remaining is history. We’ve been photographing proficiently for 5 years now.

Our passion for music, art, and photography forces us to explore a place we’ve never been to before, at least once every month. We do think that not all who wander are lost; and in our case, we wander to learn, to experience, to capture and protect memories mostly through photographs.

Give us a chance to capture your love for each other, your fascinating story, the real you.

4. Callaway Gable

We are Allison, Brian and Lauren, and together we are recognized as Callaway Gable. As a previous working actor and model respectively, we are the only team in the earth with huge professional experience not only behind the camera but in front.

Why is this significant? We know what it feels like having your picture taken professionally, we have learned how to take and make a remarkable photo, how to work under extreme pressure and we have assimilated our skills from the best.

5. Teri B Photography:

Fond of stormy clouds dresses that twirl and heaping bowls of noodles. I am an artist by nature which has always allowed me to better notice, make and capture stories in my photography. Travel has been an essential part of my life and upbringing.  I always wanted to capture the soul of the places I visited. I would go home, print and hang photos to my walls.

When it comes to your Wedding day, there will never be a day completely like this day. Your friends and family will be together for the initial, and maybe only, time ever. All your hard work in planning will come to realization. This will be the day of celebrating, laughter, gratefulness and love that you will carry with you for years to come. This day begins a whole new chapter. These moments will remain with you, they will become your legacy.

Much like my travel photos, these photos will not simply be your physical proof that it all happened. My aim is that you are to remember how it all felt.

Top 2019 Los Angeles Wedding Photographer6. Kayci Decker Photography

I capture candid moments, cheerful smiles, ideal smolders, and windblown hair. I love the ocean, desert, and mountains. I want playlists that you can’t help but move to, and I wish to show people a side of them they’ve never seen.

7. Foolishly Rushing In

Hello I am Dan and my wife’s name is Nardia. We’re the ones behind Foolishly Rushing In. We’re so happy you found us in this little corner of the world. As you’re scrolling through our photos and film, if you begin to imagine yourself in our work than welcome! Because there’s legally no better compliment we could get than a couple trusting us to document their love story so beautifully & uniquely.

8. Wanderlust Creatives

Born from the wandering souls of native Filipinos Jei Romanes and Gaile Deoso, Wanderlust Creatives specializes in capturing intimate, emotional moments through photography all around the globe. Now located in Los Angeles, this talented team combines their passion for music, art and photography to give images full of soul and authenticity. Committed to exploring a new destination every month, Jei and Gaile are a suitable match for creative and adventurous couples planning celebrations of all sizes, both locally and worldwide.

9. Nicole Balsamo Photography

I am a sun chaser seeking ordinary moments that make time standstill.

I am a lover of love which is why a job in the wedding industry was always at the top of career preferences for me.  In 2013, I opened my photography business and I think in the hustle & risking everything to chased a dream. I moved to Los Angeles in November of 2016 and I can honestly say it was the excellent decision of my life!

Photography is my passion.  I feel so blessed to do what I like and meet some of the pleasant people along the way.

10. Roberto Valenzuela Photography

Roberto Valenzuela’s focus is for you to remember the day of your wedding both visually as well as emotionally, by just seeing through the pages of your wedding album.

Your wedding photographs will be one of your most significant family heirlooms, and thus Roberto Valenzuela captures the essence of your wedding day with the most sensitive eye, stylish touch and keen attention to detail, to transform your wedding images into a work of art.

Roberto Valenzuela is a 50 time International Award Winning Wedding Photographer and a Master Class teacher at the WPPI (the biggest wedding photography convention in the world).

We wish that after reading the blog you would have got complete idea about the top 10 wedding photographers in Los Angeles. If you have any doubt any query, inquire us at the comment section mentioned below. Also if you know, any other renowned wedding photographer, you can notify us in the comment section.

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