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Do you want to share your wedding photography experience and want to make more clients then don’t worry in this write for us section we open the door for you to showcase your professional wedding photography skills, your experience, and your sample works.

You will have to pay $10 for each article that is to manage the blog and its advertisement budget and you will get in return 2 dofollow links for the article


No client wants their photographer to be an amateur for their wedding day. It is always a big day for the couple and their family, everybody tries their best possible steps to search professionally skilled photographer for their wedding to capture the candid and memorable moments but the problem is sometimes the client doesn’t reach you the skilled photographer like you that’s why THE Jang Wedding Photography .com, our website is providing this platform write for us section for you.

We take you in our blog through the guidelines what we have mentioned below. You should surely look for before writing for us. Now it is time to showcase your most favorite work in our blog. If you interested contact us by this given email id article@clickretina.com

Guest Post Submission Guidelines:


The subject will be related to the photography

Blog post length:

600-1000 words can be acceptable

No plagiarism:-

Provide only unique, relevant and unambiguous content

SEO friendly:

Submit only SEO friendly content. SEO comprises of some rules here we mention:-

  • The title must be eye-catching, clear, and interesting. Character length between 55-60.
  • Use headings in a hierarchical mode like H1->H2->H3. And it should be short, clear and informative.
  • Use the style of paragraphing writing. One paragraph should cover one statement and try to have up to 150 words in one paragraph.
  • Avoid repetition of same words and opinion the same article.
  • Write a good and logical ending.


High-quality article:

High-quality doesn’t mean too long rather should be short, clear, not repetitive and with top logic and reason. Things with these parameters will be acceptable and will be ready for publishing your article from our side.


Bank links help to determine popularity or importance of your website so try to have a good and not more than 2 quality backlinks in your article and in return you will get 2 max do follow backlinks from us.


If it is possible to use only perfect custom article images. Image format will be jpeg and png. You can use a two or maximum 3 images in an article.

Article Format:

You will send us your article on MS Word or HTML format.


Send Your Article to this given id article@clickretina.com


Why we ask for Writing for us from guest bloggers???

By guest posting for our blog, what you and we will:-

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  • Your work promotion to the photography world through our social media handlers.


Top Features of our blog:-

 Our blog have all essential and trendy features to compete from other bloggers. These are:-

1-An ideal place for guest bloggers

Write for us can be yours if you thinking to give us high quality content in the form of guest posts and articles. High quality content can be posted in the form of guest posts and articles. Articles are publishing after approval. Our blog promotes skilled guest bloggers, who are serious about their writing career.

2-Human friendly:-

Make sure while you writing, you are writing human-friendly content. Human aspect content comprises of:

  • Quality content. Quality matters a lot if you want your readers (human) back to your blog.
  • Relevant and easy to read.
  • Organic content, Original content increases the readership.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly blog helps to drive traffic. It is one of the topmost trending and useful topics if you want to boost the good rank of your website and the probability of reaching a higher domain authority.

If you choose to write an article, related to this topic, make sure it is SEO friendly. Our Blog supports those bloggers who follow this critical guideline. It is a salient feature of this host website. It will eventually help your algorithms to stay in the good books of the search engine giant – Google.

4-Unique content

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